LPG Conversions.


LPG costs just under half the price of petrol and diesel, usually resulting in annual savings of around 40% in fuel costs... and it's better on the environment too!

LPG or Autogas, as it's usually known, is the most accessible alternative fuel available to petrol and diesel in the UK today. Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and best of all, much cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model. Recent independent tests have also shown that out of the three fuels, LPG has the best environmental record.


What is LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a natural hydrocarbon fuel made up of Propane and Butane. When stored under pressure it becomes a dense liquid allowing large quantities of gas to be stored in a relatively small space, which means it can be easily stored in a tank. This makes LPG an ideal alternative to petrol for your vehicle.
Approximately 60% of the world's supply is produced from the separation of gas products, with the remaining 40% produced in the refining of crude oil. The UK currently exports around 45% of its LPG production, so there is plenty of supply.


We are an approved installer of Romano Autogas Systems.

Historically Italy has led the way in developing autogas systems and is perceived as the global expert.

Romano Autogas SRL was the first Italian autogas manufacturer to introduce the sequential injection systems using AEB electronics, since then they have grown to become the third largest Italian manufacturer supplying the autogas industry worldwide.

This growth has been largely due to the quality of the Romano products and their commitment to continued research and development. This is helped by the owner being an engineer and not an accountant!!

Over the last decade Autogas Worldwide has represented Romano Autogas in the UK market; we quickly developed an excellent working relationship, both technically and commercially, with Romano to the extent that we ceased dealing with other companies and Romano became our only supplier.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers in the autogas industry, we are constantly being approached by other suppliers to sell their systems within the UK but our confidence in Romano’s technical expertise, along with our significant investment in research and development means that we cannot be persuaded to supply other systems and potentially jeopardise the high quality of our Romano brand.


Romano are always one step ahead of the competition!

Romano produces a full range of components for both LPG and CNG all manufactured in-house. These include:


To discuss a possible conversion and to obtain a quotation please give us a call on 01264 336 344.